Why you need a social branding blueprint

One of the greatest challenges that every brand faces today is the distance between theory and execution. Between understanding and action. Between the study of marketing and Returns on Investment. This is not their fault. Not only is it hard enough to meet the demands of your business on a daily basis, but now social technology is changing so fast that it’s almost impossible to keep up. Yet that doesn’t change the fact that without a blueprint specific to your business, targeted toward today’s consumer, and leveraging the latest social technologies, a brand cannot hope to connect to their customers in the most meaningful way that will drive their bottom-lines. That’s why you need a Social Branding Blueprint.

The We First Social Branding Seminar is designed to give you just that – a Social Branding Blueprint with three distinct benefits:

1. SKILL SETS: Too often brands either make the mistake of focusing on their story to the exclusion of social technology, or focusing on social media without clearly defining who they are. This seminar is designed to walk you through, step-by-step, the necessary stages of thinking to create a meaningful story that can then be amplified by social media.

2. SPECIFICITY: While everyone has access to platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, that does not mean every tool is right for every business or strategic objective. That’s why the seminar is designed to lay out the best practices by the world’s smartest marketers, detailing the various tools, tactics and strategies to achieve different measurable results.

3. SUPPORT: It is difficult to clearly define a brand, and it’s almost impossible to do it for your own company. That’s why the biggest brands use advertising agencies– because they give you the benefit of a third-party perspective that deeply understands both you and the marketplace. In order to give you and your business the same one-on-one attention and third -arty perspective, the seminar is designed in the following way: First, there is pre-work which will allow you to start thinking about what your brand stands for even before you start the seminar. Secondly, there will be world-class trainers walking you through each step of the social branding blueprint with the support of mentors and break-out sessions. Thirdly, after the seminar there will be ongoing support available so that you can further refine your business blueprint and marketing specific to your business goals.

Too often, a conference or seminar talks at a topic rather than enabling you to act on your new knowledge. The We First Social Branding Seminar is designed to give you an actionable blueprint specific to your business that is informed by the best practices, case-studies, and bottom-line benefits of the biggest and smartest marketers in the world .

I invite you to join us on February 1st and 2nd in sunny California at the beautiful beachside Marina Del Rey Marriott Hotel. But don’t wait–early bird pricing is ending, and places are limited. Plus, remember you get to invite your favorite non-profit to attend for free simply by registering. So you’ll be making a great contribution while also building your business.

We look forward to working with you, and ensuring you have a Social Branding Blueprint on which to build your success next year.