Worldnomads Footprint Projects: Lessons in smarter business and effective community building

I think the World Nomads Footprint project is super smart on many levels.

It’s premised on the fact that when you visit a community you make an impact. As such, you have a small responsibility to give something back. So when you purchase one of their travel insurance policies, you choose a project and get to add your tiny donation to make a difference in that community.

Not only does the community benefit, but your small contribution transforms your experience because you invested in the experience in a completely different way.

By extension, the community also views you differently because you have looked at the experience through the lens of their well-being.

This dynamic of mutual dependence and contribution is a model in effective community-building in both the online and offline worlds. What’s more, it demonstrates a powerful presumption that with consumption comes contribution enhancing the experience of connection for everyone.

World Nomads, founded by Simon Monk (@worldnomads) is just one of a new breed of enlightened companies that realize the well-being of others improves their own. Here’s just a few of the projects that their efforts are funding.

Do you think more businesses should think this way? What about Wall Street?