Be Remedy: Your chance to change the lives of so many through so little

Simon Mainwaring / Capitalism / 6 years ago

Be Remedy is an inspiring demonstration of the ability of social media to empower people to be the change they want to create in the world. The concept launched by Blake Canterbury in Atlanta two years ago is as simple as their motto: “Be the remedy for someone in need.” With this goal in mind, Be Remedy uses Twitter and Facebook to streamline donations to people in need from locals within that community.

In a sense, it’s like a return to the village mentality of old when people would look after their own. But in the face of historic national debt and under-resourced non-profits, the necessity for such a new platform cannot be overstated.

In fact, by its very nature Be Remedy demonstrates the fundamental dynamics that have driven the widespread adoption and activation of social media and the many causes it supports. The platform is based on a contribution. It connects people based on shared values. It leverages the intimacy of local communities to inspire people to think of others. And it uses the immediacy of the channels to address urgent problems for those in acute need.

Now the organization is going nationwide as described in the CNN Report above. To help them expand the platform to local communities all over the country, they have launched an Indiegogo fundraiser. So far they are halfway to their modest financial goal that can transform the lives of so many for the long term.

More than a powerful demonstration of the power of social media, Be Remedy serves as a testament to the innate empathy we feel for one another and our ability to transform the lives of another through something we may no longer need. As the ranks of the poor and unemployed in this country persist at such high levels, this represents a wonderful opportunity to ingrain community giving at a grass roots level once again. And from its nationwide example, there is the tantalizing prospect of spreading be remedy around that world to help so many in need.

To offer valuable support to Be Remedy for as little as $5, click here now.

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