Cash registers that do more than give change – they create it


This video explains the latest in cash registers from Intel, but it also opens the door to the future of corporate social responsibility and consumer contributions. Companies, programs, platforms and apps like RED, Brand Karma, Good Guide and SocialVest, are already doing an amazing job of integrating living and giving but now let’s put the cash register to work.

Imagine a cash register that with a simple touch can tell a shopper the Corporate Social Responsibility programs of a brand, its carbon footprint, it environmental impact, its employee volunteer programs including those of its holding company? Imagine the potential for mindful shopping (as described by John Gerzema)?

Imagine a cash register that at the same time let a consumer dedicate a small portion of the purchase price towards a suggested charity or favorite cause?

Imagine a cash register with fingerprint or credit card recognition that would automatically tally those contributions that were matched by the participating brands?

It’s one thing when technology accelerates and improves service to a customer. It’s another altogether when they enable consumers to contribute to causes, improve society and make a better world for all.

This Intel technology is impressive in the way it caters to the customer. Now let’s engage the same ingenuity in the service of the planet and well-being of everyone.┬áIt’s never been more possible or necessary.

Would you use a register that did this? Do you think customers would be likely to make more contributions?