Conflict Minerals & Falling Whistles: How weapons of war become instruments of peace


This week legislation was signed by President Obama that finally drew attention to the issue of the ‘Conflict Minerals’ that go into making the batteries in the cell phones we use everyday. This deservedly made headline news with most stories focused on the tragedy that such mining visits on the lives of so many people in the Congo. This was in no small measure due to the amazing efforts of John Prendergrast and his organization, Enough.

Yet within this tragedy there are stories of hope and I wanted to share one with you. A few months ago I was in Austin, Texas, and I walked into this clothing store where some after hours event was going on. There were these odd whistle necklaces hanging in the window and when I got inside I asked where they were from. That’s when I met Sean Carraso (above), the Founder of Falling Whistles, a non-profit doing amazing work to rehabilitate innocent children swept up in the war.

Below are some of the powerful images that Sean is using to garner support. Anything you can do is hugely appreciated. The whistles are cool in their own right. They’re even sold in fashion stores as you can see above. But what’s even cooler is that they help to transform the lives of helpless children. Plus they serve as a daily reminder of how precious life is and how it should not be wasted – ours or theirs. All you have to do is visit their site at and choose what you like.  As a Dad I find it especially powerful and inspiring. It also reminds me that when you work to change the lives of other, the life that often changes most is your own. Please take a look and do what you can. Huge thanks.