Educate Girls Globally: Education, Literacy and Community for Change

Simon Mainwaring / Causes / 9 years ago

One of the highlights of my recent trip to Doha was the chance to work with people like Lawrence Chickering and Safeena Husain, the founder and Executive Director (respectively) of Educate Girl Globally (EGG) that is revolutionizing schooling and the opportunities for young women in India.

Here Lawrence and Safeena take us through the exciting and hard won lessons that inform an education model that is achieving incredible results and expanding exponentially. Their work is to be applauded, celebrated and disseminated as far and wide as possible.

Please support their meaningful work.

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  1. Avatar iconic88 says:

    Great post Simon. Thank you.

    What do you think of this post taken from [Davos]. It provides some empirical evidence to show the inequalities that exist for women in the world.

    “Leading companies are failing to capitalize on the talents of women in the workforce, according to the World Economic Forum’s Corporate Gender Gap Report 2010. It is the first study to cover the world’s largest employers in 20 countries and benchmark them against the gender equality policies that most companies should have in place but are in fact widely missing.” Click here for more >>

  2. Wow. This is fantastic. Thank you so much. Fantastic information and learning here. Thx so much.

  3. Avatar Iconic88 says:

    You're welcome 😉

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