Fundraising for Haiti using gold, sorbet and a spoon: Charity Sorbet

Simon Mainwaring / Causes / 9 years ago

“It is not about what makes you/me feel good, it is about doing something for the people that at the moment have nothing.” Jayson Bryant, Gianpaolo Grazioli.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Jayson Bryant, one of the great people behind this year’s most delicious outreach for Haiti – Charity SorbetThe Winevault and Giapo are fundraising $10,000 in an effort to help rebuild Haiti. Their idea? Turn Cristal champagne and 24-carat gold into the world’s most expensive sorbet.

They are producing 20 sorbets, at cost of $500 each, with all proceeds going to the New Zealand Red Cross Haitian Earthquake Appeal. Saatchi&Saatchi helped out by creating a website ( and thanks to, one cup of sorbet is now up for auction on their popular website. There are 22 bids in just 4 days!

All they need now are partners around the world to extend this idea to keep the aid to Haiti flowing. So if you’re in the food industry – in the U.S. or anywhere else in the world (c’mon Italy) – send me an email and I’ll put you in contact with the team. Or reserve your sorbet before 19 April 2010 by emailing

I think this is a great example of a company doing whatever it can for a worthwhile cause. Haiti needs us now more than ever to rebuild infrastructure, lives and hope. Watch the video below if you can

What do you think of the idea and what could your company do to help?


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  1. Avatar digitalgodess says:

    Thanks for the post and for sharing the love. Jayson Bryant is a one who exemplifies the connectivity of the new web, but greater, he effectively demonstrates the need to engage the hearts and minds of others into the causes and initiatives that one is passionate about.

    Jayson and Giapo are doing something that is both clever and delicious. I'm flying to New Zealand to enjoy gourmet sorbet and spread 'godess love' and show our support by telling the story through the community. Thank you for the keynote at Connect Now and inspiring us to be greater collectively..

  2. Pleasure. I love how Jayson demonstrates that no business is unrelated to meaningful contribution. It was also a pleasure to meet you at Connect Now. I'll pass on any interest in the U.S. for his idea. I think Charity Gourmet could be a big idea. Enjoy NZ and thanks for raising all our voices.