Steve Jobs, Virgin America, and Millennials: Key Insights from 2013

Best of We First 2013 BlogIt’s always fun to review the year and see which stories resonated most. Taken together they represent a landscape of the community’s focus and what will shape 2014.

Here are the Top Ten posts of 2013 from the We First blog and we’re excited and committed to provide insights that support your brand and its impact this year:


1. SOCIAL BRANDS INFOGRAPHIC: Marketing 3.0: The Rise of Purpose-Driven Social Brands

2. BRAND VALUES: What Steve Jobs Knew About the Importance of Values to Your Company

3. INSPIRING MILLENNIALS: How Corporate Purpose Turns Millennials into Brand Ambassadors

4. FUTURE MARKETING: The Three Pillars of Marketing Organizations of the Future

5. CONTAGIOUS BRANDS: How To Become a Contagious Social Brand in 8 Steps

6. CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT: When a Brand Leads with Values, Customers Value You More

7. THE CASE FOR PURPOSE: Is This the End of Purpose Driven Ads or a New Beginning?

8. SOCIAL CRISES: 10 Global Crises Threatening Your Brand’s Future

9.  MASTER CLASS: How Virgin America gave us a Master Class in Social Branding

10. PROFITABLE STORYTELLING: How the Smartest Brands Use Social Media to Skyrocket their Profits and Impact

It’s been such a pleasure and privilege to engage with everyone this year and the whole team at We First wishes everyone a happy, prosperous and impactful 2014.