Thanks to the We First community

I wanted to take the time today to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and share what I am so grateful for. The support of We First and the spirit of its community has been a real source of joy this year and I wish everyone a fantastic weekend with their friends and families in which we reaffirm how much we need, want and are crazy about each other. So, here goes:

Thank you to everyone who bought We First and took a risk on an unknown author who talks funny (Australian!).

Thank you to everyone who share the message with others by sending on the We First launch film or book recommendation.

Thank you to the amazing folks who I now call friends on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ who have inspired me with what they’ve shared and share what I found inspiring.

Thank you to those corporate, non-profit and start-up leaders who have taken the brave step of integrating purpose into their messaging, enacting contributory consumption programs and committed to collaboration in order to address pressing social issues.

Thank you to everyone who also deeply believes there is no limit to what creativity can achieve including the revitalization of our companies, economy and country and the lives of those they affect.

Thank you to the amazing folks who work with me in different ways but who are all equal parts of We First, including Morgan, Sam, Ryan, Devin, Catherine, Cole, Cameron, Rick, Michael, Mark, Martin, Natalie.

Thank you to my wife and kids who have supported me throughout the book writing, launch and now the first ever We First Social Branding seminar.

We stand on the cusp of an unprecedented opportunity for personal and professional reinvention as technology yet again redefines the way we relate to each other and do business. Directed the right way, we will be able to look back at this period with great pride, and for that opportunity I’m hugely grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving, consider yourself hugged, and have a stellar weekend!