Top 10 Reasons to Attend the 2013 We First Social Branding Seminar

With all the competition for our time and resources these days, it’s important to be clear about what makes the We First social branding event so special. So please use promo code: INFOGRAPHIC to save 25% on remaining seats and here are your top ten reasons to spend two days together on September 24th and 25th at the W Hollywood.

1. EXPERTISE: Have you ever wondered how charity: water became the first non-profit to have 1 million Twitter followers and gets 75% of its fundraising through digital channels? Or how Starbucks is able to be both an iconic global brand and expert local community builder? It’s an incredibly rare opportunity to hear insights from global marketing leaders at Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Toyota, the UN Foundation and charity: water in an intimate setting and to ask questions about your toughest marketing problems.

2. URGENCY: Every brand, whether you’re for-profit or non-profit, is facing the compounding challenges of multiple global social crises, fast changing social technologies, and rising customer activism. Without a clear marketing plan and story it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep up and survive. Our latest infographic shows why ignoring the new demands of media-savvy, highly connected and socially concerned consumers is business suicide.

3. CLARITY: The content we’ll be sharing over the two days brings together so much information, research, and case studies from a wide variety of sources to really give you an effective handle on today’s overwhelming marketplace.

4. VALUE: After most events you leave with a lots of notebooks and business cards but little time to transpose your learning to your business or brand. That’s why over the course of two days you will work through a Social Branding Blueprint answering questions specific to your business so that you walk out with real value in your hand.

5. GUIDANCE: All the training materials are specifically designed to ensure you can not only define an actionable plan for your brand during the event, but also take all the materials back to your office show you can share your plan and learning with your marketing teams on your return.

6. RELATIONSHIPS: The event format has been specific designed to give you access to speakers and peers to start relationships that can lead to new business, partnerships and friendships. Here are just a few companies you’ll be joiningNestle Purina PetCare, Mattel, Chanel, Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Staffmark, FirstCapital Bank of Texas,  In-N-Out Burger, Thrive Farmers, the UN Foundation and more!

7. CONTRIBUTION: Every attendee gets to invite their favorite non-profit for free giving them a direct experience in contribution to a cause they care about. The alignment of business and the non-profit sector really has the power to change the world.

8. EXPERIENCE: The event takes place in the stylish, LEED certified, W Hollywood hotel with fine dining, rooftop pool and luxurious rooms in sunny LA.

9. ENTERTAINMENT: The ‘We’IP dinner will feature fine dining and Harmonics Maestro, Freddie Ravel, keyboard artist for Santana, Madonna and Earth, Wind and Fire who will use music to reveal the human harmonics of business success.

10. COMMUNITY: By joining us at this event you’ll become part of a community of brand leaders literally working to reinvent the practice of business to better serve the greater good of all.

This is the last week to register for the event and with limited seats available please don’t wait to claim your 25% discount with promo code INFOGRAPHIC. And be sure to invite your favorite non-profit for free! We First is committed to providing you with invaluable training and an unforgettable experience and we look forward to working together on your brand.