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LEAD WITH WE reveals how brands survive in a crisis, thrive in a fast changing market, and accelerate growth in a challenging future.

Discover how the world’s top companies and entrepreneurs are driving growth and impact that employees and customers now demand. What worked, what didn’t and what you need to do to get everyone to build your business.

Your host, Simon Mainwaring, CEO of We First and New York Times bestselling author, dives deep with CEOs and CMOs to reveal the mindset and actions that put them ahead of the competition.

Whether you’re a start-up, high growth company or large corporation, you’ll learn how to build your reputation, increase employee productivity, and inspire customers to promote your brand. Engaging, entertaining and actionable, this is your chance to listen in and learn a lot about how business does well and does good.

The Book


We First lays out a transformative vision for the practice of business, branding and capitalism that puts purpose, people and planet, first.


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Winning Over Today’s Consumer: Capturing the Attention, Loyalty

Reaching today’s consumer is harder than ever. Their expectations, behaviors and technologies are constantly changing. This makes it difficult to capture their attention and earn their loyalty over the long term. But what if there was a way to make your target audience feel like part of your organization instead of a customer? To motivate them to want to build your business and reputation? To use their own social media channels to share your purpose, products and impact?

From Crisis to Growth: Restoring Relevance, Growth & Impact

The greatest obstacle to any brand is internal — old mindsets and behaviors that drove success in the past but that no longer serve future growth. In fact, brands must back out of the future in ways they want to own rather than build on the past if they want to position themselves for market leadership. So, what are the key questions companies must ask themselves to overcome self-limiting thinking or behaviors? What new actions must they take to build a constantly evolving and innovative culture?

Movement Making: Turning Your Company Into a Brand Everryone Wants to Build

We live in an era of social movements built around issues as far ranging as women’s rights, gun control and social justice. To succeed, brands must be very clear about what they stand for so that stakeholders can align with them, either as employees or customers. So, how do you position your company to become a movement? How do you share your brand story?