How will your brand survive and thrive in the new normal?

COVID-19 will reshape the role of business, the marketing of brands and the expectations of customers. So we’re not just solving for right now, we’re solving for the new normal. The impact on your brand, your employees and potentially your entire industry will be extraordinary. We’ve defined a methodology that empowers your brand to survive today and thrive tomorrow.

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to the pandemic with purposeful leadership.

Your response to COVID-19 will define your reputation for years. Starting today, you must ensure your purpose sets the tone for your leadership, your culture, your marketing and the critical impact work you’re doing. That takes intentional focus and effort right now that will deliver benefits for years to come.

of people working under new expectations.

Employees are worried and even the strongest company cultures are at risk in this uncertain time. Maintaining employee morale and productivity is critical. It will lift their spirits, support the company and ensure the company emerges as strong as ever on the other side.

to the moment and our future in a way that matters.

What you say and how you say it has never been more important. Your brand message must be empathetic and engaging. It must reveal the humanity of your company and people in service of others. It must be simple, consistent and scalable so your brand becomes a movement that makes a meaningful and measurable difference.

the past by driving growth through impact.

To move human health and business forward, all brands must stand for something larger than themselves that matters to their community and the world. Something that feels authentic to the brand’s heritage and the role it wants to play in shaping the future. COVID-19 is an unprecedented opportunity for your CSR, sustainability and impact efforts to build your business, culture and a better world.

Together, we can create business & societal impact
that’s needed now more than ever.

We First is offering two tailored tracks that help those who have their purpose in place, and those still looking to define their purpose, to respond to the pandemic in ways that protect health and their business. This work will build your reputation, fortify your culture and retain customer loyalty despite COVID-19.

Purpose Accelerator

Designed for companies that have yet to define their purpose, this program fast tracks your purpose definition, planning and activation. It positions you to leverage today’s market drivers to accelerate your growth and scale your impact during and after COVID-19.

Purpose Applied

Crafted for brands with a clearly-defined purpose in place, this program puts your purpose to work now and after COVID-19 through an action plan that includes guidelines, strategies and tactics across your leadership, marketing, HR and impact work.

Each program plan is customized but features
three key components.


Rapid response analysis of the reshaped business landscape and shifts in your industry, customer behaviors and marketplace opportunities including learnings from specific industry or use cases.


Interactive work session with key stakeholders designed to identify and address current and future need-states based on the three phases of triage, recovery and the new normal.


Short, mid and long term Purpose Plan including activations based on the impact of COVID-19 and 2020/21 forecasting that solve for pain points and leverage new opportunities.

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How can we help?

We’re here and we’re doing what we can to help our clients, and new clients, define their roadmap through this new normal. And while we are also a business that relies on revenue to sustain, we are working with clients differently to be of service in ways that bring our own purpose to life.

In addition to these streamlined offerings, we are providing flexible ways to engage in order to support as best we can:

  • Flexible Pricing & Payment Terms
  • In-Kind Work
  • Free Office Hours & Consultations
  • Virtual Workshops
  • Facebook and Zoom Webinars
  • COVID-19 Thought Leadership Webinars with Conscious Capitalism, Social Innovation & Harvard Business School
  • Forbes Blog: How Brands Lead With Purpose to Combat the Coronavirus

We are a small and nimble team and we stay that way to keep the overhead down and pass those savings on to our clients. This has always been our normal to ensure our clients get the most value for their investment no matter how big or small.