#IllRideWithYOU: #Sydneysiege and using social media to stem racism

It was such a horrible day in Sydney this week with the siege in Martin Place and the tragic loss of life. Events like these trigger national fears that can shift culture and fan flames of racism that serve no one, especially in a country as diverse and inclusive as Australia. If there is any silver lining to be found in the sad week, it’s the rise of the #IllRideWithYou campaign through which Aussies can support their fellow Australians who are Muslim.


Too often tragedies such as this siege spark racist outbursts as people struggle to find ways to express the fear and anger inspired by the event. But rather than compound the problem, #IllRideWithRide encourages Australians to accompany Muslims on their way to work or in their daily lives. As we have seen too often around the world, events such as these can lead to targeted attacks on Muslims or simply anyone that wears a head scarf or dresses differently when their hearts and values are aligned around peace, love, and devotion to their faith. Instead, #IllRideWithYou is a small way to show your respect for Australians of all faiths, to demonstrate your recognition of the true values of the Muslim faith, and to celebrate what is best about Australia – our unshakable belief that we are always there for each other as “mates.”


Times of crisis demand leadership, not division. This is Australia’s moment to lean into the values that makes being an Australian so great. Join #IllRideWithYou by sharing a tweet, by posting a note on Facebook, and by being there for a fellow Aussie that is scared, upset, and worried about the country’s future – just like you.

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