Live G+ Hangout: From Profit To Purpose – How Business Can Build a Better World

G+ Hangout: From #ProftiToPurposeThe unprecedented collision of global needs and personal hopes, of human emotion and social technology, of powerful brands and newly empowered consumers, has the potential to transform our world- and we are witnessing a historical transformation in which the private sector is slowly emerging as a 3rd pillar of social change. If you are interested in learning more from those actively working towards this goal, please join us and thought leaders from Nike and B Corp for a free Google+ Hangout discussing From Profit to Purpose: How Business Can Build a Better World.

We’ll be live on-air with Dave Cobban, Nike‘s Citizen Mobilization Director of Sustainable Business & Innovation, and Jay Coen-Gilbert, the Co-Founder of B Lab, to chat about how business can become a force of good by partnering with customers to co-create lasting social impact. You’ll hear from:

• Simon Mainwaring, CEO of We First, will lay out a new sustainable vision for purposeful capitalism.

• Jay Gilbert of B Lab, will share how the B Corporation movement, now encompassing more than 700 companies across 60 industries and in 26 nations, is using the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.

• Dave Cobban will talk about how Nike is changing “the making of making” and give an inside look into Nike’s collaborative innovation approach and their partnership with NASA, USAID, and the US Department of State called LAUNCH.

We’ll then have a live Q&A, so please submit your questions directly on the G+ Hangout RSVP page and start tagging them on social media with #ProfitToPurpose.

This will be a fun event and great way to connect with other change agents from all over the globe, so please share with others who are passionate about building business while make a difference in the world.

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