Social media seen through Google’s augmented reality lens

The release of this video from Google gives us a glimpse of what life might look like through the lens of Google’s augmented reality glasses. It poses as many questions as it answers but as you watch the video, you quickly realize the powerful ways that your own reality can become a shared and social experience. Naturally, that has enormous impact on social media.

Perhaps the most compelling implication for brands is the potential to scale social shopping. Someone like yourself can walk into a store, “check in” to that location with their friends, receive a bonus or discount as a reward, show somebody else in real time what they’re considering buying, then share that purchase across all social channels. Voice activation makes this even simpler as you seamlessly might from audio to text among a social spectacle of your location, preferred brand, and ultimate purchase.

This combination of location based services, augmented reality and social networking transforms every urban, suburban or rural landscape into an almost infinite branding and lead-gen opportunity. Companies will find themselves rushing to provide engagement cues within their physical stores to motivate real time social shopping. What’s more, they can incentivize such sharing with real world, in store rewards.

Tools such as Googles glasses further transform the real and online worlds into effortless and borderless shopping territories. What’s more, all that information and everyone you know will be right there with you all the time making almost every facet of living a shared experience.

Do you think people will adopt such technologies and wear these glasses? Do you believe that such constant social engagement is a good thing?