Taking social media to the streets

This was an exciting week for We First, not just because of the book appeared on a Times Square billboard (huge thanks to PR Newswire for making this possible), but more because of what that represents. Like most authors, you write a book because you have ideas you want to share in the hope that they connect with people. But when it comes to current challenges to business, the economy, and the multiple social crises that we face, we need more than words. We need action.

That’s why the We First Social Branding Seminar advertised on the billboard is important. The seminar is how the principles of a re-purposed capitalism are translated into concrete shifts in thinking and behavior that will benefit the bottom line and social impact of big brands. It’s how small brands, start-ups and social entrepreneurs ensure that their brand story is well-told in a community-facing way that allows them to use social technology to quickly build a customer community. It’s how non-profits get the essential support they need to marry brand storytelling and social technology so that their fundraising and impact scale dramatically while their costs do not.

As such, the We First Social Branding seminar is designed to be different in three ways.

1. VALUE/S: Rather than talking at the topics of brand storytelling or social media, it represents a two day deep-dive into the attendee’s brands, starting with their brand storytelling through to their social media tactics and strategies that bring the story to life, so that attendees walk out with a practical Social Branding Blueprint that they can act on.

2. CONTRIBUTION: Every attendee at the We First seminar gets an extra ticket to invite their favorite non-profit for free. So if you’re a non-profit you can find a sponsor to cover the cost for both of you, or you can register and take a second guest for free.

3. EXPERTISE: The We First seminar is lucky to have the insights and expertise of incredible guest speakers such as Carol Cone, the Global Senior Vice President of Business + Social Purpose at Edelman and Robert Terceck, the Chairman of the Creative Visions Foundation and former President of Digital Media at OWN, the Oprah Winfrey Network.

In the last year we have seen social media play a powerful role in political revolutions around the globe and consumer demands for corporate social responsibility. The intention behind the We First Social Branding seminar, and so many other important efforts by for-profit and non-profits companies using social media, is to leverage the power of social technology to make a real difference in their lives of others and the well-being of society at large.

This is the last week of early bird pricing.  So join us and enjoy real bottom line benefits to your company and a powerful sense of fulfilment through your impact on the world.