Music Applied to Life, Leadership, and Success

Just like a successful band must integrate melody, harmony, and rhythm to create great music, a company must integrate leadership, team building, and time management to achieve success. As music legend, Freddie Ravel says, “The structure of music is the structure of success.”

Known as the #1 chart-topping Harmonics Maestro for Santana, Madonna, and Earth, Wind and Fire, Freddie Ravel is the Founder of “Business Harmonics”, the award-winning peak performance system to enhance leadership, innovation and collaboration within major corporations.

An expert on music and business integration, Ravel shows us how music has a special importance in today’s digital age where we face great challenges in leadership, collaboration, and time. In fact, the four foundations of music- melody, harmony, rhythm, and score- show up in everything we do, both in our personal and professional lives, and help us answer this very important question: How do we unlock people’s greatest potential?

More than ever, leaders are needed who can orchestrate workplace harmony and employ the same active listening skills the best musicians rely upon. Here are Freddie’s three tips for becoming an active listener:

(1) Listen for meaning

(2) Listen to what is being said beneath the words

(3) Listen to what is in the space between the “notes.”

Music can be an exceptional, unique, and powerful tool for personal and professional growth, and has critical lessons for change agents looking to become better communicators and scale their impact, so be sure to look out for Freddie’s upcoming book on how to to bring these strategies into your life and organization. How has music impacted your role as a leader or how you tell your company’s story?

If you’d like to learn from Freddie Ravel and leaders from Starbucks, Toyota, Coca-Cola, the UN Foundation, charity: water, and more, please join us at the 2013 We First Social Branding Seminar, Sept 24-25 in Los Angeles. VIP tickets are available which include a private “We”IP evening event featuring a special “Keynote Concert” by music legend, Freddie Ravel.