Biz Stone on Twitter in Cannes in Real Time (well, pretty close)

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Having just heard Biz Stone speak at the Cannes Advertising Festival seminar, it seems appropriate to share the highlights as quickly as possible.

Firstly, super laid back, approachable guy who is refreshingly down to earth despite all the success and hype around his brand. Here’s a snapshot of his main points.

What Twitter is: Definition: A communication network for sharing and discovering what’s happening. Dynamics: Think of a flock of birds moving together in flight. Purpose: A new way for people to move together.

What it’s not: Twitter is not a social network but a communication and information network that has social aspects to it.

Key Points: 1. Twitter is about the triumph of humanity not the triumph of technology. 2. From spontaneous fund-raising for charitable giving to platform projects raising venture capital, innovation and creativity are nourishing its ecosystem. As such, Twitter has only just begun and we, it’s users, redefine it everyday. 3. The true potential of Twitter is bringing the real time network to the weakest SMS signals around the globe 4. The problems of tomorrow are not bigger than the entrepreneurs of today. Entrepreneurs represent communities and can work to create organisms greater than the sum of their parts that can tackle global problems. 5. Creativity is a renewable resource that will continue to reinvigorate the brand.

How Twitter will make money: Twitter’s role is to ask brands what value are they adding and how they can enhance that? Some time soon, there may be a charge for providing that (the sponsorship arrangement with Microsoft’s Exec Tweets is one example).

Quote of the Day: I’m not a good judge of cool.

Three reasons I left inspired: 1. The unrealized potential of Twitter 2. The role we all get to play in defining it 3. The sense that these guys had the acuity and patience necessary for such an organic process to flourish and prosper.

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