Empowering Employees With Social Storytelling is Key to Company Growth

Here’s one of the most common reasons companies fail to keep growing after they achieve some success: They fail to take their employees with them.

As your company reaches scale and an expanding base of employees becomes your front line, you must clearly communicate what the company stands for and provide the right social media training. Otherwise, there will be a disconnect between what you say the company stands for and what the customer actually experiences- and those customers will go elsewhere.

Internally, employees are hungry to better understand their role in the company’s mission, yet 68% do not think businesses do enough to instill a sense of meaningful purpose in their work culture and 54% say their company’s purpose is not clearly conveyed to all employees. [Tweet this stat]

Here are three steps to catalyze the power of your employees and turn them into your biggest brand ambassadors:

1. Make sure you have leadership buy off on using social media

2. Make sure you give your employees the training they need to represent the company well

3. Encourage employees to invite customers to co-create your products, services, and marketing

You need a consistent brand story to maintain growth, and how you tell that story internally is critical as a guide for how your customers will tell that story.

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