So-Me, Mo-Co, Uh-Oh! Social Media’s Hunger for Real Time Reductions

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In a world of 140 characters it’s hardly surprising that our appetite for snappy reductions is insatiable. So as SoMe (Social Media) gives way to MoCo (Mobile Community), I couldn’t help but wonder how far it will go and what the past might have looked like if it was boiled down to the same real time acronyms. So let’s “Start at the very beginning” and work our way forward.

Smoke Signals: SmSi

Carrier Pigeon: CaPi

Morse Code: MoCo

Transistor Radio: TrRa

Fireside Chat: FiCh

Walkie Talkie: WaTa

Telephone Booth: TeBo

Fax Machine: FaMa

Mobile Phone: MoPh

Video Conferencing: ViCo

Text Messaging: TeMe

Electronic Mail: ElMa

And let’s not forget ourselves!

I’m SiMa. You?

Can you think of any others?

As for what the future holds, it seems everything is going: GeSoMoRe (geo, social, mobile, real time).

Perhaps Julie Andrews (Maria) put it best in ‘The Sound of Music’.

Courtesy 20th Century Fox