Social Media Informer: Where social media content gets together

You may have noticed there is a new badge at the bottom right of my blog which is titled Social Media Informer. I wanted to share the site with you so you can take advantage of the resource as well.

Personally I find all the inbound information every day pretty overwhelming and welcome the chance to fast track my filtering process. That’s what I do with Social Media Informer. It’s a new content aggregation site that collects the best writing on social media and breaks it down into user-friendly topics.  You can search by those topics or by authors’ names and be directed back to their blogs.

I found it really useful because you can be writing about or researching a topic for yourself, a post, a book or speech and find the latest posts on it. That way you can make sure that you have a balanced and fully informed perspective.

There are a huge list of good thinkers and practitioners featured and I’m grateful to be included.  You should contact them if you want to be added also. I recommend you take a look and see if it might be useful to you. And here’s a hat tip to the guys there for putting something together that helps us all.