What I lost when I found you: Life after social media.


A Face Book

Last week’s post about digital intimacy generated some great debate about how our lives have been changed by social media. It seems appropriate to look back and have some fun with what we might have lost on the way:

I miss losing touch with you.

I miss the challenge of trying to distil the last six years of my life into a thirty-second soundbite.

I miss life and memory and time served in chunks you wrap in butcher’s paper rather than sprinkle in granulated form.

I miss redundant phrases like, “What have you been up to?”, “What’s been going on?” and “Where have you been?”

I miss saying, “What ever happened to him?”

I miss wondering if you were single, married, divorced or dead.

I miss not knowing what you had for lunch.

I miss High School reunions where you could lie about yourself and no one could prove you wrong.

I miss hearing your name and thinking, “That rings a bell”.

I miss forgetting we were friends then remembering.

I miss not having you around.

I miss missing you.

I miss the distance between us.

I miss the not-for-broadcast, single-media, private access version of you.

Anyone got any more?

A blue bird.

A blue bird.

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