Celebrity to go: Personal-ilty apps that take us all to market

Image credit: Brian Solis on iTunes

Just before the holiday break, Brian Solis, the highly respected PR strategist moved the blogosphere one step forward yet again. By launching his own app, he not only gave himself a powerful tool through which to interact with his community, but he also kicked off a trend that is likely to grow exponentially in popularity. (Here’s another app launched by Deepak Chopra the day after.)

In a culture familiar with shades of celebrity, the ability to distribute oneself in a mobile application will prove appealing (especially among the younger online generation). Initially the trend will be driven by content providers; by those active online or in the blogosphere. But shortly after, I believe, we will see widespread adoption as we download each other’s mobile celebrity in the form of an app that combines their writing, music, photos, speeches, thoughts, tweets and daily musings for others to enjoy.

As a consequence, our smart phones will soon feature galleries, not just of our friends and followers, but also of applications that allow us to deep dive into each of those personalities engaging with them directly in real time or exploring their content archives.

No doubt we will then be able to “introduce” these applications to each other through content sharing another layer in the increasingly complex web of social networks.

As the personal application space gets crowded, consumers will then start to filter rather than collect personal applications with each of us effectively creating a self-portrait out of who we choose to download.

This new trend is further evidence of an undeniable phenomenon. We are all producers, publishers and curators, and as such, we are taking ourselves to market.

Is this something you would do, or do you disagree?