This is your chance to tell NASA where to go

I’m a huge fan of NASA – always have been. And now, thanks to Scott Henderson of Rally the Cause, we all have the chance to tell them where to go next. You see, Scott has the great privilege of making a major presentation to them about their future as social entrepreneurs. Better yet, Scott is inviting us to help him frame his presentation. This is such a great opportunity when you consider the brain and technology power that NASA can put behind something. So here’s my 2 cents worth and please visit his website and add your thoughts.

NASA could not be better positioned to play a powerful role in social entrepreneurship. As I see it there as two key elements that NASA can offer social change: insight and imagination.

Insight: Few facilities possess the experience, expertise, resources and goodwill of NASA to deep dive into a possibility. That is both a blessing and a responsibility. The expertise and technical savvy of its employee needs to be brought to bear on the first planet man stepped on – the Earth. That mission is not so different than the moon landing but, in their parlance, it’s now ‘mission critical’.

Imagination: What NASA did so well with the moon landing(s) was to marry possibility with execution. It’s time to do that again on an equally breathtaking scale directed towards the many pressing global crises facing our planet.

The world has many Think Tanks. We need NASA to be a Do Tank.

Best of luck Scott and, again, here’s Scott Henderson’s site where you can leave your ideas and comments.