Evan Williams Twitter keynote at SXSW: The Art of Good Business

Kind of cool to see Evan floating in cyberspace like this.

Today’s keynote by Twitter co-founder Evan Williams was much anticipated. Even though the fireside chat approach was too quiet for some, I found Evan Williams to be incredibly succinct and articulate. Prompted by questions from Harvard Business Review’s Umair Haque, Evan Williams distilled large changes in the branding and social media space into accessible, bite size ideas. Here’s my list of some of the most memorable:

Twitter is an information network that let’s people discover what they care about.

Our goal is to increase the signal to noise ratio and to get the right information to people who care.

A window is transparent and a door is open. Twitter chooses to be open.

Being open to being wrong is a survival technique despite the temptation to close up.

To ensure your longevity ask how you create the greatest value for your users.

What good for our users creates value for us.

Experimentation and openness key to success in the digital age.

Though control is necessary for the health of the ecosystem.

Twitter let’s people reach the weakest signals in the world.

SMS is the true power of twitter for those on the other side of the digital divide.

The most profound promise of the internet is the democratization of information and it can change the world.

Affect people positively, pay attention 2 what matters 2 people, and provide more meaningful outcomes through information.

Our aim is to erase information assymetries.

Companies only have a competitive advantage when their service or product means everybody wins.

When someone loses out, the business is not sustainable.

Traditional and new media need to work together to create new species within the ecosystem.

Brands will be heard faster especially if the barriers to entry are lower.

Advice to entrepreneurs: Create something you want in the world.

The more focused and specific you are the more scalable you become.

People were pretty tired today after the never-ending stream of sponsored parties last night but I heard a lot of people say they had their favorite sessions today. I really enjoyed a cause lab workshop and will be posting a video soon. A fun and substantive day overall.

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