The Coca-Cola Company is the world's largest beverage company, refreshing consumers with more than 500 sparkling and still brands.


Coca-Cola sought to synthesize their global sustainability communications into a unified message that would allow the brand to speak with a consistent voice around the world, and to support that message with social media training in sustainability storytelling.


Competing sustainability campaigns had a strong foothold in different regions making it difficult to align messaging and to allow for cultural specificity at the same time. Plus, the company deserved greater credit for its sustainability initiatives and leadership.


We First provided a strategic solution for singular sustainability messaging and collaborated on creating an online Sustainability Social Media Playbook that laid out best practices for their global marketing teams. In addition an Internal Sustainability Film was created to align employees in different regions around this singular message, as well as an External Sustainability Film to share the company’s sustainability position around the world.


We First defined a singular global sustainability positioning, created an internal video to align employees in different regions around this singular message and created an external-facing video to share the company’s sustainability position around the world. The Sustainability Social Media Playbook dramatically increased consumer engagement and brand sentiment around the globe as domestic and regional marketing teams leveraged social media to increase engagement and build the brand’s reputation.


"Working with We First has been really good for us at the Coca-Cola Company. They bring a unique combination of skills and knowledge to the table, from a clear consulting ability as listeners, really understanding our issues at their core, to a really practical and logical approach to address problems with strong expertise in marketing and advertising combined with best in class thinking on positioning and social media. We have been working with them in the challenge of how to tell and spread our sustainability story and have found in them a true partner and a great consultant with very sharp and accurate recommendations always with a perspective of what is happening in the industry and how can we drive a competitive advantage."

Javier Rodriguez Merino
Vice President, Marketing The Coca-Cola Company