ConAgra Brands is a leader among top food brands in North America, and is committed to providing great food today’s consumers want with a diverse portfolio of packaged goods that spans the breadth of the food industry.


ConAgra Brands required a purposeful brand story that communicated the mission of the brand and reflected its heritage of CSR work including ‘Child Hunger Ends Here.’


ConAgra Brands is a complex organization including product brands, private brands and commercial food services, each with their own marketing challenges. Also, the company wasn’t getting credit for its commitment to ending child hunger at a time when more food providers were sharing purposeful brand stories.


We First created an overarching brand story for ConAgra Brands, provided strategic guidance for its Foundation marketing, developed social media training workshops, and provided PR marketing support.


ConAgra Brands now has a singular, unified brand story that is purposeful and proprietary, and its marketing leaders across the company have been trained in social media storytelling best practices.


"What a great partnership we found in Simon Mainwaring and We First! We have been inspired by their passion for connecting business impact with social impact for greater return, as well as his deep knowledge and experience in the marketing and advertising industry. We First truly “becomes” the companies they partner with, immersing themselves in business and company dynamics to help us see our value and assets in a new light. Through this work, ConAgra Brands has been able to synthesize a large body of insights into a motivating purpose closely tied to our ever-evolving and continued growth."

Ann Rindone
Former Director, Foundation and Cause ConAgra Brands