With over 80 stores nationwide, e-commerce, and a box subscription, Evereve is the only fashion retailer in the world dedicated to styling fashion-loving moms.


With a unique brand dedicated to the empowerment, nurturing, and connectedness of moms, Evereve needed a brand purpose, positioning, and story that captured that commitment and established their ownership of the ‘Mom Fashion’ category in a fresh and modern way.


The public perception of moms was both a challenge and an opportunity in that the brand story had to overcome longstanding stereotypes while introducing a new public perception of mom’s as stylish, self-assured and taking on the world.


We First defined the brand purpose, positioning and a brand story - Mom beautiful - that allowed the brand to speak to all aspects of being a Mom; from fashion, to entrepreneurship, to raising a family, to business, to being a part of a very special group of woman that stylishly balance life, business and family every day.


The new brand story powerfully captured the original intent of the founder, Megan Tamte, became the rally cry for employees, influencer programs and customer service throughout the company allowing it to speak with a singular and emotional voice across all communications.