First Capital Bank of Texas a locally owned and managed independent community bank, predominantly serving businesses and consumers in Texas.


First Capital Bank of Texas was looking to define its brand story in a way that distinguishes it from other community banks and speaks to the priority it gives to customers.


The banking industry is highly regulated, conservative and slow to adopt new marketing strategies, technologies and tactics.


We First provided a new brand story, a Brand Storybook and a social media plan for First Capital Bank of Texas.


First Capital Bank of Texas is now positioned with a competitive advantage based on a new customer-centric brand story integrated across all brand assets and a comprehensive social media roadmap.


"We had a need for a number of years to develop a brand for our organization that expressed who we are and what our mission is. Our internal and external messaging has been inconsistent and schizophrenic. We First brought our management team together and helped us define our brand in a way that truly defines our culture and our mission. Simon’s creativity and people skills made the process of coalescing on a common brand very rewarding for our team. One of the best attributes We First brings is their strong commitment to serving people and the world that is in alignment with our values."

Ken Burgess
Chairman, First Capital Bank of Texas