Frank & Eileen is an apparel brand based on a story of love. It is named in honor of the founders grandparents, Frank and Eileen McLoughlin. A piece of their love story is woven into each shirt made.


Frank & Eileen sought to define a brand story that would raise awareness of its brand and commitment to love.


The fashion category is crowded with competitors and Frank & Eileen is positioned at a higher price point above many.


We First defined a brand story and social media strategy to inspire existing customers to become brand ambassadors by way of expressing the company’s commitment to love.


Frank & Eileen gained critical clarity around their brand story and implemented a social media strategy that expanded brand awareness and social media engagement.


"We First has proven to be a great partner around brand strategy, social media, and PR providing really valuable strategy, ideas and advice for how to grow our business at a really exciting and critical time for Frank & Eileen."

Audrey McLoghlin
CEO, Frank & Eileen