Holland America Line is a premium, upscale cruise line founded in 1873, offering the perfect balance of formal and relaxed ambiance on board their fleet of 14 modern-classic ships with more than 500 sailings a year, across all seven continents.


As a cruise line brand operating in a competitive category, Holland America Line wanted to define a proprietary brand purpose that would differentiate them within its industry, inspire their employees and resonate deeply with existing and new passengers.


The Holland America Line purpose and its activation needed to reflect its unique 140 year heritage, while also positioning the brand as the cruise line of choice for younger Millennial and Gen Z demographics. It also needed to distil a unique voice for the brand that its CEO, employees and communications could leverage to drive brand reputation and business growth.


We First developed a signature brand purpose for the company focused on travel’s unique ability to foster ‘ Shared humanity.’ This purpose was built into their CEOs messaging, internal communications, an employee advocacy toolkit and manifesto video.


Holland America Line’s purpose allowed the brand to connect its heritage, internal communications, marketing and community giving in ways that empowered the entire organization to speak with a unified =voice to drive brand growth.