Headquartered in the Philadelphia region, Lincoln Financial Group is a Fortune 500 company offering a diverse range of financial services and solutions. Its Foundation has contributed over $22 million to Philadelphia nonprofits since 2006.


Lincoln Financial Foundation was seeking to communicate its philanthropic efforts more effectively in a way that would differentiate it within the category, support its brand story and give third-party brokers the tools to build their business.


The financial services category is highly competitive and regulated, fluency in social storytelling is limited, and the Foundation’s giving was diverse and complicated.


Building on a social storytelling workshop, We First defined the cultural conversation with which the Foundation should lead to support its corporate brand, as well as a comprehensive, twelvemonth social marketing rollout strategy.


Lincoln Financial Foundation was able to align its messaging with Lincoln Financial Group, lead a cultural conversation that differentiated it within its category, and build the corporate brand’s reputation upon the strength of its heritage and CSR work.