, a LinkedIn Company, is a leading online learning company that helps anyone learn business, technology and creative skills to achieve personal and professional goals.

PROJECT was experiencing rapid growth and wanted a brand story that would capture its differentiating purpose more effectively in the midst of a growing number of online education competitors.

CHALLENGE had to communicate its purpose at a time when it had aggressive growth plans and complicated internal cultural challenges.


Building on a brand story workshop, We First defined’s brand story, values, key attributes and the cultural conversation it should lead to dominate the category.

IMPACT’s leadership was recognized and rewarded through its acquisition by LinkedIn.


"We First was the perfect partner with whom to conduct a wide-scale project to revamp, refine and socialize’s purpose, vision and values project. We First contributed an effective framework for our team to brainstorm, vet and identify key messages, pushing us to always identify our highest purpose first. Simon and his team share their gift for understanding how to enroll customers, employees and investors in the greater good that corporations have the opportunity and social responsibility to provide."

Lynda Weinman
Co-Founder and Executive Chair,