Super people deserve superfoods. For Nutiva, it starts with organic, non-GMO farming—done without chemical pesticides or fertilizers, providing pure superfoods with vital nutrition while accelerating the organic food movement.


The challenge was to cut through the clutter of an increasingly crowded superfood category with a brand positioning and story that would position Nutiva for category leadership, greater awareness and increased sales. The goal was to empower the brands to lead a consumer movement around the responsible production and consumption of food and treatment of the planet.


As the nation’s fastest growing organic superfood company, with an impressive track record of bringing transparency to the food industry, Nutiva was faced with the challenge of positioning its brand for accelerated growth, new product lines and continued activism. It was also seeking a brand story that could establish the company as a benchmark for product transparency, sustainable manufacturing, and contribution to food and sustainability causes.


We First worked closely with upper management and the CEO to define the brand story and framing for Nutiva. Along with this, We First developed internal story strategies for integration among employees, providing a social media plan with channel-specific strategies and tactics to put the story into action.


Nutiva has a proprietary positioning and story that differentiates it in the category, which now appears on all of its products and marketing materials. The brand story, 'Nurture Vitality', informs all social media content produced by the company and empowers it to speak about personal health and sustainability with equal fluency. The same story informs community outreach and Foundation work, ensuring that the brand speaks with a purposeful message that is simple, consistent and scalable in ways that build the business.


"We love working with We First. They deeply understand the power of purposeful branding, social storytelling and how to succeed in the new world where consumers are the brand champions versus the approach of old school marketing."

John Roulac
CEO & Founder, Nutiva