Sunergos is a transformational change-management consulting firm that empowers people and organizations to fulfill their purpose, elevate performance, and positively impact the world.


Sunergos sought to gain clarity around its brand story, values and services to capitalize on the fast-changing B2B consulting landscape.


Many of Sunergos’ clients were facing challenges within their industries, inspiring the brand to pivot and seek to establish a competitive advantage in new categories while leveraging new partnerships.


Building on a brand story workshop, We First clarified Sunergos’ business strategy, defined a new brand story that articulated their unique innovation services, and crafted their communication and language for new products and services.


Sunergos is experiencing rapid growth in new business categories through a differentiating brand story that resonates with employees, new clients and partners.


"As a transformational consultancy our business is about language. We First delivered what we had not been able to do on our own – a new brand story that gave us a place to communicate what we do and who we are that is a match for where we are committed to growing. Most impressive was their ability to understand who we are at our core with velocity and turn it into language that speaks to the marketplace in a way that has secured business in new industries."

Lucinda Hanover
CEO, Sunergos